Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai 100,000 m³a Pickling Sludge Ceramsite

1. Project Overview
Project address: Wuzhou, China
Construction unit: Guangxi Wuzhou Jinhai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
Product name: Pickling sludge ceramsite equipment
Production scale: 100,000 cubic meters per year
Service scope: equipment supply, installation and commissioning.
2. Project Description
This project is mainly to produce 100,000 cubic meters of pickling sludge (hazardous waste) ceramsite production line, the main equipment of ceramsite rotary kiln, cooler, dryer, roller granulator, feeder, double-shaft mixer and other equipment Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning. The project is mainly to process pickling sludge, mix it with waste soil, fly ash, etc. according to a certain proportion, then age it, then granulate and calcinate to form ceramsite. Using the high-temperature reducing atmosphere of the ceramsite kiln can harmlessly and immobilize the pickling sludge, and the products can be used in building materials, pointing out a new process route for the harmless treatment of hazardous waste.
3. Equipment Parameters
No. Equipment Name Equipment Model Remarks
1 Ceramsite plug-in rotary kiln φ2.2×8m+3m+φ1.85×10m/φ2.5×18m  
2 Raw material dryer φ1.8×20m  
3 Feeder ZJ490×3400mm  
4 Double shaft mixer ZJ400×3200mm  
5 Roll granulator DG800×700mm  
4. Project Photos

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