Gas Burner

Air Valve Type: DN400-DN700


Gas Valve Type: DN300-DN600


Kiln Type: Φ1.9 - Φ4 (m)


Application: Calcination Kiln

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Gas Burner is research and developing for rotary kiln that burning with single or various gas fuel, which not only ensure all the advantages and specificity of four-channel burner, but also enhance the application of burning. The burner have special structure and reasonable technical parameters, guarantee the gas fuel fully mixing with air, primary air and secondary air, which to ensure stronger heating intensity, higher burning efficiency, easier adjustment. Burner can be applicable for various metallurgy and chemical rotary kiln.
Burning System for Rotary kiln on industry fields like Power, Chemical, Metallurgy, Building material etc.

Gas Burner is mainly composed with Pipe, Nozzle, Ignition device, Metal corrugated compensator, Butterfly valve, Pressure measurement and Protection layer etc. The mainly features are:
1. Pipeline
From outside to inside respectively, the pipeline has consist of Axial wind channel, Swirling wind channel, Gas wind channel, central wind channel and ignition channel. And the ignition is just for igniting, so called four-channel burner.
2. Nozzle
Nozzle made by special material, spray mouth sectional area of axial wind channel, swirling wind channel and gas wind channel are adjustable, so that can adjust the spray speed of each channel. The nozzle is the key part to ensure flame shape.
3.Ignition Device
Located in the central wind channel, used for automatic igniting.
4.Metal Corrugated Compensator
Which is the key part to connect each channel, sealing and adjust flame shape, and allowed process axial movement with connected channel.
5.Butterfly Valve
Used for adjust air volume. Among in 5 valves, 3 used for adjusting flow rate of central wind, swirling wind and axial wind; another 2 manual valves used for adjusting flow rate of ignite gas and main gas.
6.Pressure Measurement
Used for indirectly indicate spray speed of burner wind mouth.
7.Protection Layer
Fireproof casting layer, which casting by the owner.


1. Stability flame with regular flame shapes, no phenomenon like fluctuation and sweep kiln liner, that will outstanding extend the life time of kiln liner.
2. Good mixing performance with gas fuel, primary air and secondary air, burning abundantly, that can be enhance heating intensity and reduce primary air proportion at same time, then will improve kiln capacity and reduce energy consumption.
3. No strong eddy between flame and bowl effect produced by flame cover, can avoid appearance of temperature peak and make evenly distribution of flame temperature, then effectively protect cylinder and guard plate of kiln inlet.
4. Due to more fully mixing with combustion air and fuel gas, the burning will be more quickly and fully, which will reduce the content of CO and NOX from kiln inlet, but also better for safety operating and realizing green production.
5. The nozzle has made by special material with advantages like heat-resistance and easy to change.
6. Simple operation and adjustment. When operating, erupt speed of each air pipe can be change via adjust sectional area, then will realize goals like adjustment of flame shape and strength.


Refer to different kiln type, different fuel gas characters and different technical condition, the burner will design and produce accordingly.
SPEC Gas Valve Type Air Valve Type Gas Pressure (Pa) Material Kiln Type
3150 x1450 x600 DN300 DN400 1200-1600 1Cr18Ni9Ti Φ1.9
3750 x1450 x600 DN300 DN500 1200-1600 1Cr18Ni9Ti Φ2.2
4130 x1520 x640 DN400 DN600 1200-1600 1Cr18Ni9Ti Φ2.5
4130 x1520 x640 DN400 DN600 1200-1600 1Cr18Ni9Ti Φ2.8
4300 x1800 x800 DN400 DN600 1200-1600 1Cr18Ni9Ti Φ3
4500 x1980 x820 DN400 DN700 1200-1600 1Cr18Ni9Ti Φ3.2
4880 x2078 x968 DN500 DN400 1200-1600 1Cr18Ni9Ti Φ3.5
4970 x2240 x1078 DN600 DN400 1200-1600 1Cr18Ni9Ti Φ4

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