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Mud From Sugar Plant Regeneration Project in UAE

Date of Signing: March 9, 2021
Processing Material: sugar residue
Equipment configuration: B500×5m Box Feeder, B500×18m Belt Conveyor, B500×36m Belt Conveyor, WLS250×5m Shaftless Screw Conveyor, Φ1.6×20m Rotary Dryer, Φ1.8×36m Rotary Kiln, Φ1.2x12m Rotary Cooler, Φ1.2×4.5m Ball Mill etc
1. Project Overview
We have signed the sugar residue treatment equipment with AK company, which is the largest sugar production factory in UAE. Tens of millions of tons of sugar residue need be processed each year. The sugar residue treatment production line contract signed with AK company is an experimental line. The purpose is to explore how to dispose the sugar residue reasonably, recycle the useful components and convert it into lime. At the same time, the lime is further ground, and then by hydration into lime milk. The lime milk will be used in the sugar plant's own production. A large amount of flue gas is generated in the calcination section, and the CO2 in the flue gas will be collected by the CO2 collection device. The CO2 collected will also be used for the sugar plant's own production. Sugar residue treatment, waste into treasure, reuse, sustainable development, high economic value.
2. Project Engineering Concept
Fully consider the characteristics of high moisture and viscosity of materials to design equipment and process. Considering energy saving, environmental protection, reuse and other characteristics.
3. Project Implementation
The sugar residue moisture content is about 30%-40%, and the sugar residue is sent to the box feeder by the forklift. The special box feeder has the characteristics of caching material, dispersing material and even feeding. The box feeder will send the material to the belt conveyor, the belt conveyor with roller balance, can accurately measure the amount of feeding. The material enters the shaftless screw conveyor through the belt conveyor. Shaftless screw conveyor is very suitable for conveying materials with higher moisture and greater viscosity. The material enters the dryer through the shaftless screw conveyor. The dryer is equipped with a chain device to disperse the material and prevent the material from sticking to the cylinder wall. This design can also greatly improve the heat exchange efficiency. The dryer uses the hot flue gas from the rotary kiln to dry the material. After drying, the materials are calcined in the rotary kiln. The rotary kiln is equipped with a burner system to provide heat energy. The calcination temperature of 1250 degrees makes the materials fully react into lime. The calcined lime is fed into a single cylinder cooler. The single-cylinder cooler uses natural air and lime for heat exchange, and the temperature after cooling is the ambient temperature +50℃. At the same time, the heated air becomes combustion - supporting air and enters the rotary kiln. The lime discharged from the cooling machine passes through the screw conveyer to the ball mill where it is ground into lime powder.
The flue gas treatment of this project has also been carefully designed. The flue gas from the kiln tail first enters the cyclone dust collector for dust removal, and the flue gas after dust removal enters the heat exchanger for heat exchange. The flue gas after heat exchange enters the CO2 collection device. The CO2 collected will be used for production work in the sugar plant. The lime grinding system is equipped with a wet dust collector. The lime dust collected by the wet dust collector can be changed into lime milk by hydration and used in sugar factory production.
4. Technical Parameter of Main Equipment
  Mud Feeding System          
1.01 Box Type Feeder Model:B500×5m pc 1    
1.01M Motor Frequency conversion pc 1 5.5 5.5
1.02 Belt Conveyor Model:B500×18m pc 1    
1.02M Motor   pc 1 5.5 5.5
1.02-1 Scale roller weigher
Model: ICS-3C-0540
1.03 Belt Conveyor Model:B500×36m pc 1 11 11
1.03M Motor   pc 1 11 11
  Calcination System          
2.01 Shaftless Screw Conveyor Model: WLS250×5m pc 1    
2.01M Motor   pc 1 3 3
2.02 Rotary Dryer Model:Φ1.6×20m pc 1    
2.02M Motor Frequency conversion pc 1 18.5 18.5
2.03 Rotary Kiln Model:Φ1.8×36m pc 1    
2.03M Motor Frequency conversion pc 1 37 37
2.04 Rotary Cooler Model:Φ1.2x12m pc 1    
2.04M Motor Frequency conversion pc 1 11 11
2.05 Four Channels Burner Model: SR-II pc 1    
2.05-4 Burner trolley Model: BV3035 pc 1    
2.05-4M Motor   pc 1 1.5 1.5
2.06 Roots Blower Model: RSR-175 pc 1    
2.06M Motor Frequency conversion pc 1 30 30
2.07 Natural Gas Adjustment Valve Group Suit to burner set 1    
2.08 Shaftless manual trolley Model: XC-3 pc 1    
  Calcination System Gas Treatment          
3.01 Cyclone Model: XFCC-1500 pc 1    
3.01-1 Double layers flap valve Model: 260x260mm pc 1    
3.02 Fan
Model: 7-16No.16.2D
3.02M Motor Frequency conversion pc 1 75 75
  Lime Grinding System          
4.01 Ball Mill Model: φ1.2×4.5m pc 1    
4.01M Motor   pc 1 55 55
4.02 Screw conveyor Model: GX300×4.2m pc 1    
4.02M Motor Power: 5.5kW pc 1 5.5 5.5
4.03 Wet scrubber Model: CLS/A-5 pc 1    
4.03-1 Water pump (one spare one useing) Model: DFW40-125/2/1.1 pc 2    
4.03-1M Motor   pc 2 1.1 2.2
4.04 Fan
Model: 7-16NO.9D
4.04M Motor Frequency conversion pc 1 7.5 7.5
5. Project Photos

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